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Nigel Aves Photography
... and I loved working with all of them.
Photoshoot in the Woods.
Welcome to Nigel Aves Photography website.

This web site contains a handful (taken from a wheelbarrow full of photographs.)

To learn more about myself click the menu item: "About Nigel"

To see some of my work click the menu item: "Photo gallery"

And just for fun, interviews I did on the radio: "Radio Shows"

This is divided into two sections,
Section 1, "Photographs on this site" - This will show you photographs in the jAlbum on this web site.
Section 2,"My other web sites" will open a new level in the menu where you can find my full albums (again using jAlbum). I think the descriptions are pretty obvious!

The following link will take you to my Nigel Aves Photography web album. Nigel Aves Photography Web Album.

Because of the large number of photographs and sets, I use jAlbum to help create good looking albums.

Camera: Canon 5Ds, Lens: Canon EF 16-35 mm / Canon EF 24-105 mm  / Canon EF 28-300 mm

What Else Do I do?

Good Question! Well apart from leaving everyone baffled after meeting me for the first time there is a second love in my life, and that's doing Video Interviews at the Captn's Lounge Studios here in Longmont.

Brief History. After moving to Colorado the entire family became involved at the Longmont Community Theatre, I first started off acting (Cuckoos Nest, Molly Browne, Elephant Man - to name a few), but then the idea of Directing jumped into my head. Directed a large number of Christmas Shows (Jack and the Bean Stalk being one of my favourites and of course my own version of Christmas Carol plus many others). I also did a lot of Technical Theatre with sound effects, special effects, stage manager, you name it, I did it, except Producing!

By pure chance I was visiting KRFC 88.9 in Fort Collins and met a wonderful person (Gail, on air as "The Tinker") who talked me into producing a demo real for my own Radio Show. Produced the demo, sent it off to them, and the (idiots) decided that I could do my own music show late on a Saturday evening. My show was mainly obscure European music heavily guided by being Rock / Jazz fusion, Rock / Blues Fusion, Psychedelic and of course Rock. (Ever heard of Alquin, White Noise, Sweet Smoke ...?). I did this for 5 years but the 90 mile round trip became a bit thin, so I stopped doing the show.

I just added (April 23rd 2024) Mortal Legacy to the website. Mortal Legacy is a slide show (using photographs and video), it shows the state of humanity both good and bad. A small warning: this video does include photographs that show the violence that humanity is capable of. Here is the link to Mortal Legacy.

To Watch some of my interviews jump to this page. Video Interviews by Nigel Aves

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